We are delighted to welcome you to the Postgraduate Studies Program “Ancient and New Hellenic Philology”, direction: “New Greek Philology”. The program aims at deepening New Greek Literature and developing students to high-level scientists capable of contributing to the educational, research and economic development of the country. In a time of rapid technological development and the globalization of knowledge and the economy, Modern Greek and Humanistic, wider, Studies continue to be a fundamental axis of Culture and Education. They are leading in many areas of global research and professional activity as they are the beginning or important part of Modern Greek thought and literature and the educational structures that determine the current educational system.
The Postgraduate Program “Ancient and New Hellenic Philology”, direction: “News Greek Philology “is an innovative approach with particular emphasis on the fundamental subjects of the New Greek Secretariat, such as the palaeography, the relations of Modern Greek literature with cinema, philosophy and history, editorial tactics of Modern Greek texts, the connection of new Greek with its earlier phases and the stylistic approaches of literary works. The taught use of new technologies and multimedia in the research process also opens up new horizons and possibilities for modern philologists. The postgraduate program is made up of distinguished scientists both from the University of Peloponnese and from other Greek and foreign institutions. Our hope and aim is that the students of our postgraduate program will find in it the necessary intellectual and research resources, so that upon its completion, they will be in the positions of the philological research as complete scientists as well as in its practical application, as capable executives in services which require specialized knowledge of Modern Greek Literature.
The Director of the PMS